Sabbaticals for Pastors

Nearly all pastors get a sabbatical every 5-7 years; they either change churches or receive a time of rest and replenishment.  Many churches within the Classis have sabbatical policies and practices in place.  Feel free to talk to your Regional Pastors about what these look like if your church does not have one, or check out this document which includes Sabbatical Policies from several Classis Georgetown churches.


The CRC website also has information on Sabbatical policies which includes as listing of 90 different sabbatical policies of various churches in our denomination.  You can take a look at:




The Lilly Foundation offers the most generous sabbatical funding support for pastors and churches.  Here are some links for applying for sabbatical funding support through Lilly.


What Makes a High Quality Proposal


http://Tips for Proposal Writing


Flyer for Sabbatical Grants from Lilly




The Christian Reformed Church also has sabbatical resources on its website for pastors and churches: