Structure of Classis Georgetown

Proposed Classis Structure

In the few months since Classis Georgetown approved a proposal for a new structure, a number of people have been working on the transition from the old structure to the new.  Listed below are the main features of the new structure.

Vision Team

At the core of this new structure is the Vision Team, which will help the churches of classis pursue their new mission, “Living and Working Together to Transform Lives and Communities.” This team has a chairman and five other members, each of whom will be responsible for one of the five values associated with our vision statement:  Healthy Leaders, Collaborative Relationships, Empowering Worship, Daring Hospitality and Risky Compassion.  This team will be supported by an administrative assistant and a classis treasurer and assistant treasurer, and will be the body that processes classis business in between classis meetings.

10:24 Teams

Made up of two people per team, a pastor and a lay person, these teams will provide support to our churches.  Each team will develop relationships with 2-3 classis churches, with the goal of asking helpful questions, listening carefully and encouraging the churches as they pursue the vision.

Former Structure

Several elements of the former structure will eventually be retired, including the Classis Interim Committee, Classis Georgetown Ministries Board, and the Classis Meeting Task Force.  The Student Fund Committee will remain but will broaden its mandate so that it can take on a more active role in walking with people who are preparing for ministry.