Vision Team Welcome

Welcome to the Classis Georgetown Webpage!

Years ago, who would have ever imagined that a Classis would have a website?  Today however, we find ourselves opening a new chapter of ministry.  Years ago, we defined ourselves by our differences.  Today, we are finding that there is much more that binds us together.  Not only is Classis Georgetown working together in ways we would not have imagined, but we are finding new ways of connecting with each other and the wider community of which we are a part.

This website is a tool that we are using as a starting point to make resources available, to promote open, transparent communication, and to deepen our connections with one another.  For example, clicking on the “FORUMS” tab will take you to our interactive blog, where anyone is welcome to register and then post thoughts, inspirations, and ideas to share and discuss with others.  We also want to use this site to promote and report on current happenings within the classis churches which are transforming lives and communities.  Click on the “GET REAL” tab to find out what other churches are up to, or get information about happenings in your own church published on the website by sending information to Kathy, our webkeeper, at

Thanks for your part in joining us in this endeavor.  We commit ourselves to continue to articulate and express these things as we strive to live and serve faithfully in the community.

~ The Vision Team for Classis Georgetown

Jim Roskam, Classis Coordinator
Marc Nelesen, Healthy Leaders Steward
Len Kuyvenhoven, Collaborative Relationships Steward
Nate Meldrim, Empowering Worship Steward
Matthew Slack, Daring Hospitality Steward
Susan LaClear, Risky Compassion Steward
Glenda Tebben, Stated Clerk
Mel VanderVie, Treasurer
Kathy Jelsema, Assistant Treasurer